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Monday, April 18, 2011

stars - golden glints from a dreamy night

The rustling sound of the crisp pipal leaves rains quietly.

through the mesh of the pipal tree,
more than your ears and eyes are drenched.

The drizzle of the golden summer glints sprinkles upon your eyelashes.

Another star is bidding its days farewell.
Its time for the sun to seep into its romantic blues, as the sky flames firey red.

You are now leaving a dream world, star gazing in the day and gradually, in the background, the yellow merges into violet until it leaves you stars far away into the night.

The warm summer air, is just the right cold for looking at stars.
They are bright tonight, and I am walking nowhere.
The undiscovered constellations, at distances between us..
The magic wand's sweep of the milky way has cast a spell

How we can form a Y ,from the tail of the Ursa Minor (great bear) and some stars around it.
is the signature of my childhood when I was shown this awesome thing.

Embraced by the warm night..
head thrown backward
staring for hours into this eternity

Its like the ending of 'stars' by Cranberries..
where it starts in C ,but the bar is left incomplete at a G..

Saturday, April 16, 2011