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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Piece and Quiet

Have a piece of quiet, I insist
no no I'm ok, I'm full

Would you care for some high then?
Ok, that you insist.

Now don't be shy you, have as much as you like
Oh I will, we don't shy hostellites

I know, its great that you're staying then?
Oh, but I have to leave, but let me check my list.

But you're not leaving are you?
You make it hard for me to decide

Stay over, we're making sweet love
O You know I'd do anything for that
Ok then! Great its decided.

And the crickets chirp all night long.
And the crickets chirp all life long.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Can't think of a new song. What to do:

-As a songwriter, songs can come to you anytime
Its hard to believe when it hasn't happened to you, but they literally can come anytime

-This week I was at an all time low in songwriting, and suddenly today a good song came to me. With lyrics with progression.
And the compositions that were sounding bad last week are sounding good now.

-Its good to preserve your crappy compositions. They might not really be that crappy.

Coming up with modal solos where there may be no need at all is quite useless.
Sometimes , you just cant have modal solos.
Conversely , You can't use blues solos everytime.
Not all solos can be composed free from scales.
And every solo can't be composed based on a scale.

Best way: Jam
Mind jam, person jam, guitar jam and mix fruit jam.

This blog was powered by: Blink 182 - Wishing well

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bored of playing guitar/ Sound bad at guitar. What to do :

Having a bad phase in guitar playing.

Every good guitarist goes through bad phases while learning guitar.

Pro musicians have it too. An unproductive phaze, when they aren't coming up with anything new, or anything good enough.

Q:What is a bad phase?
A bad phaze is

when your mind is way ahead of your level of playing, you are expecting too much from yourself.

-Like you might know all the scales but the phrasing is not turning out right. You wanted it to be like Carlos Santana.

-Or you might know the scale but your hand co-ordination is under-developed.
-Or many other things, where you're expecting a lot and are unhappy about your sound.

Q:What happens in a bad phase?

-You are just aware that the thing is not sounding good, or it is sounding 'repetitive'.

-Its pretty compelling to give up practicing or think that maybe you're just not meant for it.

Its all right.

But its all right for such a phaze to occur once in a while.

It helps you re-evaluate yourself as a guitarist and your technique.

-Because there's an impression you have about yourself as a guitarist or as any musician when you are playing an instrument. You subconsciously visualize yourself climbing a mountain ,that you're becoming more and more perfect, getting closer to the top.

-Once in a while when you play a little better you get a feeling you're closer to perfect.
But when a bad phaze occurs, this feeling gets disturbed. And you feel, I was close to perfect, then why am I sounding so bad now?

Never Perfect, Always evolving.
You're never perfect. You are always evolving, and sometimes your mind gets stuck in a pattern and you're just finding it hard to break out of it on the fretboard.

I've been through such phazes many times. And its pretty depressing.
We all wanna sound good.

How To deal with it:

- take a step backward. 

-listen to music and I just play the vocal melodies on the guitar. By ear.

-keep doing that for a couple of days. And you will have covered many many songs vocals by the time you're out of it.

-eventually you get new ideas in soloing and phrasing.

-It also is very useful in ear training. You get to know how intervals lie on the fretboard.


-keep practicing your alternate picking, to get the co-ordination right.

- Use different combinations, usually 3 notes on 2 strings is a good one to start with.

Practice inner strokes (inner picking).

To build strength for when you have a pattern which starts from an -up. And that means I literally keep playing just two strings over and over.

We all know that there are endless possibilities in music. And like Joe Satriani says, without a little imperfection, music would sound too melodic and very monotonous.

If you keep upto it, the phaze gets over before you know it and you are back onto it and learning new things.

A bad musician is only one who doesn't know his music.

So lay low, and jam again later.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Date me.

This is where variable seems constant
Like that is where a blind man cries
Like this is the crazy moment
Like that which couldn't 've been madder

Been a son, why don't you get a dad
Been a mom why don't you get a life
She's nineteen and suckers dream
Been all the one's you'd need in your diary

Speak a fire, Spring will clean you
Spray a smile, night will take you
Take your time, day will wake you
Don't be smart, heart might hate you

I say fall , fall for me
I say hate, hate with me
I say date me, date with me
date me, date with me
and the world will be smaller.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The prince of Dorian: David Gilmour.

This is a useless post that brags that I know the dorian mode in guitar.

David Gilmour

practically redefines the Dorian mode in such a cool 'rock' way

Every time you get high on a pink floyd solo, chances are pretty high that you were high on the sound of Dorian Mode
He is The Prince of Dorian in Rock

Who could make an intro riff of a song named "Sorrow "in Dorian make it feel like a cool kind of sorrow?
Its in dorian , yes.

His style of mixing up blues with Dorian is a pure David Gilmour trademark.

Carlos Santana
is another guy who extensively uses the Dorian mode.

Because of which, his solos and his music overall sounds so

romantic and anxious.. the typical characteristics of the dorian sound.

David Gilmour.
Remember when he was young, He shun like the sun.

That man is out there. And he's sure as hell alive \,,/


Its not my fault that you like my status.
I didn't mean it for you to like it.

I meant it for you to fall in love with me
not the other way round

And then they make songs like Remember me lover
I used to hate people more before the impression of love happened to me
Now I hate them less and I blame you for it
Because I lost the hate and also the love
I can't find my hate back
It helped me grow more.

Sometimes you have to testify to the world that you are more immature.
You know what one person said,
I'd rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I'm not.
How clever...

Am I supposed to be happy there are T shirts quoting these clever lines on them?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Darrell Abbott tribute.

This post talks about how I love Pantera's solos.

I have always been a big fan of pantera's lead guitarist because their solos were real.

Darrell Abbot was a legendary guitarist who made the solo of cemetary gates possible.

He was a fan of Joe Satriani, and started playing guitar because of Black Sabbath.

Cemetary Gates, Walk, Drag the waters, Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath's cover.
Shit they kick ass.
5 minutes alone too.

His Cemetary Gates solo:

Every time you listen to it For those 40 seconds, you lift off from this earth, Head feels light.
For those 40 seconds that man is God and you feel connected.
That is truly one moment when you can not feel my head, you don't breathe, You're not alive, You're just not human
Because You're on another planet. Planet Caravan.


He had a KISS tattoo on his chest signed by Ace Frehley. .
R.I.P Dimebag Darrell.

New Cranberries song -Show me the way Review.

We love The Cranberries!

Dolores O Riordan is a Rock *Star*.
She is the loveliest front-man in the world
I'm a complete sucker for Irish accent, I love her.

The Cranberries , is the brightest Rock band in the world.
And there's something crazy about Dolores that I absolutely love
If you have seen the Cranberries on stage you know what I mean

The 'Roses' album is gonna be cool, and show me the way song sounds very sweet and rock.
The rythm section is Amazing!

The bass is strong, the drums are so rock, the tempo is slow.
Dolores hasn't changed at all.
Its so amazing so amazing to have such a classic band still out there.

The romance they started since Linger hasn't died. Its still there with the fans and there in their songs. Link gives Linger performed at Woodstock.

This session of theirs lets you have a closer look at Dolores as they are recording in the studio
Its an old video but it really shows what kind of a mood she keeps.

So young and so alive, aspiring..

dl original show me song at The cranberries website

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm in hate with you

The world is eating me
and I am in trouble
no one to help me
so I'm in hate with you

Everything's going perfect
perfectly wrong
nothing to do with it
so I'm in hate with you

Fight me, fuck me
bleed my pretty face
Align me, assign me
with more new work

I'm in hate with you, I wanna be away
Come meet me, Give more dirty news

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Black and White

Too many things hurt my head
with feelings of an odd number
Thank you for flattering me
I have become dumber

Thank you for thanking me
You know i've come closer
Play a game to win
lose it when you're sober.
Hate me.

Something's clicking in my left ear
no its just a knock on the door
I'd like to see how no one's there
Cuz everyone's been here before

I don't want friends , be my lover
I won't complain on your status
I don't want friends, be my lover
I'll give you an hour off on sundays.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Scale space extrema (Poem)

Whats there to learn its already there
Whats there to care there are better things
Whats there to see its all seen

Wheeling on 
on the endless sphere
with head tilted away like Eddy

An infinitesimal increase in the fun index
a decline in 5 hours of sleep

Its slower on the outside
Don't hurry up
Its only faster in the inside
and Mr. black skeleton made it cooler

Lacoste and crocodiles have made it fun for him
and its fun for us to listen to him.
We love the jaw, we love the teeth
This is the next generation of social resurrection.

Question him, he's right
prove him wrong. you're smart
Make a joke, look at me
I'll nod back from the heart.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to develop Guitar Vibrato

-Vibratos are unique to every player and its almost entirely defining you as a player.

-If you are reading this, you are already on your way to doing a good job out of it.

This article is to help you develop a good vibrato.

-the key to develop a good vibrato is - paying attention to it a lot.

-Constantly listen to vibratos of other guitarists, and try to replicate the sound of their vibratos.

-Focus on sound more than hands

Some vibrato styles:

Like B.B King's vibratos are bee sting vibratos. They have a very high frequency of oscillation and they sound like a bee. He uses only one finger to create such vibratos and the remaining fingers are completely off the fretboard, even the thumb is off the fretboard.

Jimi Hendrix has similar vibrato, except that his vibratos are very wide. He really digs his fingers into those vibratos.

David Gilmour has a slow vibrato because he uses three fingers to bend the strings. But because of his long sustain on the notes, they are very effective in the sound and feel.

-Try to reproduce such vibratos, so that over the time, you will develop your own way of bending strings and creating that sound.


Learning to bend to pitch

This good video shows bending exercises that you can practice everyday. I recommend watching that video, it explains some intricate mechanics related with bending and it also covers bending with vibrato.

Vibratos with bends

To do a vibrato on bends, like Eric Clapton and David Gilmour and all the other great players, the method of vibrato is a little different from normal vibrato.

When you bend a string, the string is tensed up and it produces pressure on your finger. We use this pressure to do our vibrato. We slightly release the bend and then bend again to pitch.
Do this slowly until you get the hang of it. Using the thumb as pivot, the speed of vibrato can be increased  with practice.

This video shows that method to bend with vibrato.

The end.

The land beyond the 12th fret

A fender burns your temples, its on an overdrive and growling on.
The vibrato is mesmerizing.

Drums kick in, you are inside a rythm. A harmonic under a tremolo sounding from far away..
With those breathy and whispered vocals , you know you are listening to progressive

The pentatonic is indomitable.
You are floating now suddenly on top of a chorus.
The solo kicks in, and you are liberated. Ascention

You have crossed the boundary of the 12th fret
the stratocaster is casting its notes
you hallucinate, and the hand playing it is completely awake
Mixing up dorian with pentatonic minor, to create that color which tasted pleasantly sour at just the right time.
You know you'll never again listen to it the same way you did just now

The land beyond the 12th fret
Just sent a wave through the back of my head
and either of my iris disappear upwards
Such hallucination is ultimate bliss.

blog post powered by: Pink Floyd - Sorrow

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nice to see you

Being the world in a sand
Its hard to fall when you're floating
While the shifting delivers the minute hand
The end of horizon is fleeting

We don't cheat. I cheat
We don't stare, I don't care
We cant sing, but I need
To get to you in the end

Hey, nice to see you, but not nice to know you
nice to feel you, but not nice to see you.

Give me a minute, take an hour
now its dinner
Take a minute, think it over
now its over

Hey, nice to see you, but not nice to know you
nice to feel you, but not nice to see you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time - Signatures

This article boasts the author's knowledge about Time Signatures in Music.

Now if you're a drummer, this is one topic that must have come to you right after you learned your very basics.
And then you must have probably admired how god drummers are able to play poly-rythms, where one hand is playing a 5/4 and the other hand is playing a 7/8...Woahh!

Time signatures are an indispensable tool in the life of a drummer.
And kudos to those of you good guitarists who have been keen on taking up this topic to an advanced level.


-Time signatures are a very vital thing if you have anything to do with rythms.

-It is something that you can use to make things sound different , to give a different feel to your parts.

-Sometimes when a song has a completely different rythm structure, it really stands out.

Just so that you know.
Just look how nice this song feels.
Just to start you up, the intro starts with 7/8 immediately followed by 3/8 followed by 6/8 followed by a 4/8. This is one measure. So thats 20 ,8th notes a measure for the intro.

The "straight hair or curls" part is in 13/4 (its 3 and then 10 beats) followed by 10/4. (another 10 beats)

Video Tutorials:

You can check out some of the instructional videos about time signatures by this person called drawthemoral on youtube.
His lessons are the simplest and the best.

Other occurrences.
In Kashmir by led Zeppelin.. you can see that the riff sort of loops and turns back on itself. Its achieved by using an odd time signature for the melody, but Bonham's drums are doing a regular 4/4 time signature. So the resultant effect is that you feel the riff goes flip-flop and straightens after every other bar, cuz its floating on top of that 4/4.

They've done the same thing with black dog. Its something that Bonzo figured out after John Paul Jones had explained to others how they could turn the riff back onto itself.


The easiest way to deal with odd time signatures is to divide them into more comprehensible factors.
This is VERY important and fundamental.

Like if you have a 7/4 can count it as a 3/4 followed by a regular 4/4.

For 15/8

15/8 = 7.5/4  (you just halve both the values, to convert it to quarter notes from 8th notes)

= 4/4 + 7/8 (cuz 7/8 is the remaining 3.5/4)

So you can simply have a 4/4 followed by a 5/8 and adding two 8th notes at the end. Simple Arithmetic.

Its not that hard.

Odd time signatures just take a little practice to get used to. Then they are just normal like others. Its just like the time you learned alternate picking on guitar and learned to play a pattern that had two notes on one string and one note on the next string. It was infact a 3/4 odd time signature. See, you already know one!

Chxphao, my readers.

(Bonzo God)

This blog post was powered by - A7X - Unholy confessions

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Muay Thai

The Muay Thai kickboxing is an elegant form of martial arts that's been glamorized by street fighter from its heroes like Sagat and Adon. Both these players have a kick-ass style of combat by their deadly elbows and knees, they are just indomitable.

In Street Fighter, Sagat's moves like the tiger uppercut, tiger knee moves have been taken from the tiger muay thai.
At the same time, muay thai has an amazing spirit that's kept by its culture and tradition of wearing strips of cloth on the arm and a strip of cloth enclosing sacred thai symbols that is worn by the fighter on the head before the fight. We can see Adon wearing that in SF.

Sagat is shown to be the main enemy of Ryu in the SF saga, sagat and his style are a bit de-glamorized

Muay Thai is a deadly art because of its prominent use of knees and elbows in attacks.
Because these attacks have a small moment of attack, they are lightning fast and can knock out an opponent in just one successful hit, in real life.
This art is practiced extensively in thailand, where they carry out hard body training by practicing kicks on the trunks of banana trees. They break the trees with their shins.

Today, Somrak Khamsing is the hero and legend of Muay thai kick boxing. He's the undisputed champion and when he fights, there's lightning in the ring.



Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweet Cream Chilli

Sweet cream chilly popping from a rose
Can I eat it? no
Can I bite it? no
Can I take a lick?

Sweet cream chilly fried in a bowl
Gilded in gold and folded in folds
dyed in heaven
and spat on the roads

Oh it is my favorite of all
and I can eat it all.
I can eat it all
Because it is my favorite.

Sweet cream chilly I would like some more
I cook it and eat with every other sore
It would be a pleasure to eat such a sin
With sweet little chilly treated in white cream.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cheryl's Drawing

This is a sketch of my friend Cheryl that I did today. I had to blur my eyes to complete this one.

I think art is a divine experience. And it feels as good as dope. When I draw, I am stuck in a trance ,and my senses of hearing and smelling automatically amplify manifold. I begin to taste music like I never do and the hallucination is vivid enough that I can draw that song on paper. The process of drawing is atomic. It just starts and then it ends. Whatever happens in between, is dimension seven. It can be revisited only when you are in Dimension seven again.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I believe in the changing of stars

I believe in the changing of stars
I believe in shifting of the days
I believe in roses turning blue

I believe in streams flowing sky ways

A coin flips and a die loses a face
a face loses a smile and a race loses a mile

I believe in the princess of fate

I believe in light shifting through time space
I believe in the make of the way
I believe that it can change my way

A coin flips and a die loses a face
a face loses a smile and a race loses a mile.

Every second breath is the inertia of my star
and every second share is a breath of her fate
finding its way into the mind of the day
killing and healing the the amount of my pay

Friday, October 7, 2011

The possessed time.

I can hear time creeping on me, its scaring me
How it leaves its usual place and sits into this dark corner
Like a summoned spirit that is coming to keep an eye on me
On a day when the sun shines silver, I will rise and become a time.

The time that burns in neither
neither fuel nor fire
but an ice cold deformation
in the time of time.

The surrounding grass does not bother
of how the time would paint it yellow
but the summoned spirit occurs
and all grass vanishes instead

Has the time been possessed?
Like ocean turned to fire
and wind turned to snow
the oxygen is bleeding, and minds nowhere to go.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A tribute to Steve Jobs

A man whom I and my class mates learned about in High school in our english text book, in a lesson that ended with "Stay Hungry ,Stay Foolish", went by the name of Steve Jobs.

We learned about him in 3 parts of a lesson, as 3 separate parts of his life that radically changed him and the world around him. A few words like 'one free meal at the hare krishna temple' and 'took calligraphy lessons' come back to me often when I think about him.

Some philosophies of his ,have inspired me throughout my life.
Like 'You can only connect the dots looking backwards'

and some have influenced many more than just me
Like 'Every morning I wake up and look at myself in the mirror and think what if this was the last day of my life, and live it.'

He was such a strong motivational force that it is hard to not look at his spiritual side.
Where Steve Jobs strikes me the most is from the roots of his work ,in the computer industry.
Some broken pieces of words still come back to me as I think of it, which went like 'so we started in our own garage.' and 'Steve Wozniac.' ,'serif and sans serif', 'proper spacing', and 'Macintosh'.

This man is the closest that could be to my ideal inspiration of a developer.
The heartbreaking incidents of his life sound like a movie now that I think of them.
But whenever something bad and heartbreaking is happening to me, his 'following your dreams' ,always sounds like a valid reason to carry on in life.

This is my most personal and 'inside the mind' mapping of Steve Jobs and what he has taught me in my life.
The commencement speech that he gave at Stanford, has perhaps been read by most of the well educated world, has served as an inspiration to me at the dawn of my adult life and computer life, and  it still sounds like the most important speech that I have every heard in my life, to me, now that I think of it.

Today , this day of commencement of diwali in India , and the passing away of Steve Jobs, is a very bitter sweet combination for me. I even came up with some really good song today at jamming.
But on this day, I know I will go back to him, and re-attend the commencement ceremony of Stanford.

Transcript of his commencement speech ,""..

This is such an important day for me.
Today it feels like I am in a vacuum and the whole world around me is moving in reverse.

R.I.P Steve Jobs

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What to do when you're bored

Have you felt bored and sleepy at the same time?
Life is moving slow and there's nothing much to do.
There's work in the back of your mind subconsciously but you don't wanna trouble yourself right now
You're just suspended in this state and nothing much can be done about it.

You are bored.
Well, there's a lot of stuff that you can do when you are bored. Surprisingly.

-You can sit where you are sitting and try to see how lazily you can sit ,the way you are sitting.

-You can listen to some Dubstep Music and observe the funny bass sounds.

-Check out">this link. It tells you random things that you can do when you are bored.

-I was going through">this . You might wanna check it out too. Its a bunch of silly articles.

-Do you know the difference between">2G and 3G? And what they have in 4G and 5G?


Todays featured song: Gorillaz- Left Hand Suzuki Method

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The sleep of no dreaming

Have you ever felt so sleepy in the day that you struggle to keep your eyes open?
they weigh a 100kgs , and you are hallucinating.
The only thing you are thinking of is..

The sleep of no dreaming

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bye for yesterday

Good bye for yesterday
As the shards of smiles float in slow motion
hanging in the air
Like could never care
Like a tender leaf floating on the ocean

Good bye for today
On the twilight of the fold
Like Janus in September
not caring where to go
So sure, so sure

If you please a chair
It don't kick back at you
If sell your charm on away
No one would bother you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Poems vs lyrics - Writing good lyrics.

Where music is inspiration
Poems are supposed to be expression
Where music is for the people
Poems are for the self.

Poems are lyrics too
And poems are much more personal.
However, there's a difference between writing the two
-while writing a poem, we are only aware of ourselves and the poem.
-but when we write lyrics, we often think to ourselves in our minds that we are creating a social product here. And this keeps us constantly aware of this thing, as to whether we're writing it 'correct' or not.

This is what makes the difference come out clearer.
You may write a poem and not show it to anyone.
But you always write lyrics so that you can sing them out.

In Order to Write Good Lyrics, the main factor to be kept in mind is that a song is firstly there to please yourself. You write a song, so that you can satisfy yourself. To create music.
So let it be for yourself and about what you feel best. And try not to force it to sound like anyone else.
Let a song be easy and laid back, rather than trying to make it folk, or bearing unnecessary mythological elements and things that you dont necessarily feel about.

I have always revered jimmy page's lyrics. They are always about strange things that mostly haven't happened in my life (except since i've been loving you) ,but I find them so cool. Yes you can find them cool too. But it doesn't mean that you have to write like that. Maybe they got famous because he felt those things in reality and they were not random. They probably felt that in the 70's more..what do we know. So you dont have to write about the same things as your favorite musician writes about.

The best lyricists write about their personal feelings ,and they add their style to that, which is generally acquired by observing other good lyricists, and some parts are even inherited from them.

Like Kurt Cobain's lyrics always talked about something that has to do with disagreement with the behavior of people at that time, and about being low and helpless. Its because he actually felt these things very strongly in his life and these were in fact what drove his entire life and all his actions. He grew up being bullied and living in a place where no one really liked mainly art as he did. And then the divorce of his parents and living at relatives place or even on the street. We can clearly see the lyrics of 'sliver' coming from that right? And he actually had lived alone under a bridge once. And we have a song about that too. 'Something in the way'

So its Completely ok to let yourself flow in order to write rad lyrics.
If you're into hard rock. Your lyrics dont have to be about killing and 666 necessarily.
Even Ozzy Osbourne wrote about stuff that really carried him.
Like his song My little man , was about what he felt for his son, Jack Osbourne who was 10 yrs old at that time. Now you wouldn't call that theme as hard rock, would you?
Think again. Cuz that song "Fucked shit up". The guitar solos in that song were so rad as fuck.
That that song truly became a heavy metal legend.

If you feel lonely, or hurt, or if you feel like using a lot of 'if's' ,do that
cuz the lyrics have to be what you feel.
If you feel sad, write it. If you feel cheated. Hey, write about it.
You're not alone. Kurt Cobain has been there.
If you feel you miss a girl. hey bro, write it as much as you want.
Placebo has been there. Special Needs.
If you wanna write about love ,but are afraid that the song won't turn out metal enough cuz of the lyrics,
then write about love. Don't worry. Metallica has been there. Nothing else matters, was about james' girlfriend.

There are no constraints to writing lyrics bro.
Just take a page and pour down all your feeling onto it.
And then refine it in your favorite style.
Fit a badass solo in it.
It will be a very rad song.

Write from your experience. and from the heart.

Catching your fav writer's style.

You can always like someones style and incorporate it in your own writing.
To do this, simply take a paper and write down your fav lyrics in your own handwriting.
Its important to write them in your handwriting. Your mind subconsciously begins to believe that you can write that way too. And you get to know about a lot about their technique of lyric too.

Good luck with writing some great lyrics . be yourself. Dont sell out.
There will be many people who will have felt the same way as you in your life. And your song will rock them.

(some of Kurt Cobain's handwritten lyrics)

Some links to articles about good lyric writing: