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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jimmy Page Drawing

Jimmy Page Drawing

Jimmy Page, Pointing the violin bow, cigarette in mouth.

Alternate Guitar Tuning: EACGBE

<b> The EACGBE tuning </b>

-This guitar tuning is basically the 4th string tuned down a whole step.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Girl Drawings

All the girls you can have.

Click image to view in a gallery.

(If you want to download an image, open it in a new tab so that it opens in full size.)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Assorted drawings

Its time to upload some drawings. These were photographed from my cellphone so they aren't that great.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

Prince of Persia Drawing.

"Missing you" Painting (Dry Crayons)

Fresh blank paper

Fresh blank paper 
Ready to be written on.

I wonder what it will be.
A lovers poem ,
or the chords to another song.

The smell of the fresh paper
Attracts hidden brain cells

The smell of the fresh paper
A rush of gold to the best.

Fresh white paper
Looks better than the one written on.

Fresh white paper
is itself, 
a piece of art.

An art that artists fulfill and lovers undo

That poets flounder in and scientists reuse.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pleasure (Poem)

So you went, expecting a promising return

Took a small detour, via the roads of pleasure
Which were made of a different concrete, smoother and faster.
A more promising road.

Did it get late for you to return?
Or did you never return to the same place again?


Money. Floods from the printing press.
Think I'll buy one

Money. More is less.
't earns everyone.

Money. Is an Aeroplane.
Flies away anyway.

Think I'll fly one.

Money. Is a perfume.
't allures itself.

Think I'll put one one.

Money. Is already a painting.
No need to paint it again.

They do not give it away
When you just ask for a raise.

This post was powered by:Pink Floyd - Money

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Intentions

Good intentions 
to Clean the filth

Got a second late
time slipped by like silk

Bad intentions 
refused to make

They're just pleasures
Happened anyway.

Need to change 
A way today

Oops, it changed
Though not for better. anyway.

This post was powered by - All that remains - Do not obey

Friday, November 25, 2011

Comfortably Numb (Poem)

Time's running out
But running to finish

Tired in vain
And nothing accomplished

Captivating success ,no more a possibility

Cried so hard, can't even sleep

Mind is against the body
Wanting to fleet while the body is indeed
in need of sleep

A small span of time in the life of a successful man
Left you weeping,

regretting a lack of skill

Expectant others fought for you,
Hoping that you will

Accomplish great things
After all a successful man are you.

you lost against them and they
had nothing to win

A small span of time in the life of an unsuccessful man
His minds lapse of reason refused to fulfill

Against the volition of his own hand
Caused him to die against his body's will.

 In the world of a small moment.
Eternally alive
Comfortably numb
For as long as you might.

This post was powered by: Pink floyd - Comfortably Numb

Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Love" (Poem)

Shimmering under a star clad tree
A firefly named "Love" flies

about with others in a jar half filled
with rain and half empty with light.

Will it ever see its maker? Maker of the jar.
The one who caught it and trapped it inside.

Whilst on out of its sight, a decay of life
prevails throughout the milky-way galaxy tonight.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

LSD Trip Poem

Space ship fuels by the river side ,and the rabbits nearby seem to hide

It is sky day the sky is yellow, sun's a triangle and the tide is high

Twisting and swirling

and echoing from within

Hearing orange from the outside

and elated from within

A Shimmering kaleidoscope

A beautiful blue smell

A sour sound and

Twirling rainbow skin hair

I want to hear something to you

If you would care to see..

I would like to taste something to you

If you would care to hear.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Still tender from within

Hey its nice to talk to you
But I am really still tender from within

Its nice to know that you like shifting gears
But I like to take heed in the things I should fear.

The harsh noises that my neighbors make near my bedroom at night
to you anyone else, don't know if they would

But they still haunt me more than it might.
Cuz I'm still really tender from within.

I'm scared of this thing they'all be when they grow up
I won't be it, or do the things they'll wanna do.

But if I ever be anybody ,to myself I'll always know
That I'm still really tender from within.

It doesn't hurt not being like the world if you're not.
And if it does to you then you know

That you're not really tender from within

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Teen love

When I see you oh there's a fire in the breeze
You're so pretty when you smile at me

Five months from my last ease it is:
You're so pretty when you're faithful to me

Movies are true when they happen to you
If not, they happen in your dreams anyway

If you turn around I'll marry you
If not, I'll have a crush on you..anyways.

Of all the lies I've heard, 'I love you' was my favorite.
Hey mom, (giggle) she says she loves me

Gonna be the stud she tells her BFF's about
Gonna tell my friends how I always thrash her about.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tomorrow's just around the night

Something's done
that a heart-attack can't undo

Tomorrow's printed
As though a canvas with a muse

Bigger, and brighter
Like a forth dimension breathing

Colors bleeding
and like an animate feeling

The big wide sky is encompassed
Within the expanse of this means

Full of air. Free of wants
Boldly and steadily flying towards the sun

I can feel my respiratory tract 
becauseTomorrow's just around the night.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blondie Drawing

Today I felt really inspired by Blondie. She'd been there in my head since yesterday, so I drew her.
She's so blond that her hair is almost white! So I had to do a lot of 'negative drawing' to do her hair, that was the hardest part..drawing the white with black. :)

Blondie Facts:

1)Blondie is actually a band. 

2)And since Debbie was their lead singer and was really blond, she is often called as Blondie too.

3)Blondie was the first band in rock in the genre of Punk.

3.2) Blondie features some really hip tunes, rocking strong and sensual vocals by Debbie.And good guitars.
Remember the part in Rapture when she goes..

Quote) "so now he's stopped eating cars and eating bars and now he only eats guitars!" And the song breaks into an awesome guitar solo! Wohoah. I love the funky bass riff to the song.
Just look at Debbie go in that!

 - And who can't forget the song that was even covered by Def Leppard..

 - Don't leave me Hangin' on the Telephone.
Look at them dance!

4) It even has some progressive elements to it. Like in their most acclaimed song heart of glass.
Their riff suddenly goes into an odd time signature.

And here's to all who love blondie

And the ammazing song! Denis

When Zeppelin was there, pink floyd was there, Jimi hendrix was, and the beatles too Blondie did rock after the 70's ;D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Relating the mixer and playlist in FL studio

WARNING: This blog post is awfully long. Please skip if it is not for you.

In the last fl studio post I had said that i'd put up links for mastering tutorials

here they are: Useful video tutorials for learning mastering on FL Studio:
compression and eq settings - mastering and increasing vocals quality
adding effects to vocals - it says just delay but it practically shows everything you'll require.
layering many instances of vocals - it teaches you how to move around audio clips in the playlist and how to slice them and cut them.

This link  talks a bit about Mixer and playlist

Ok, now lets get back to even more basic stuff that you'll need to make a mix.

-If you have a song that you have recorded in separate audio clips, you will want to mix the tracks together and align them properly.

1)Firstly to load a track ,just find it in your browser and drag it in the playlist.
When you do that, a channel is generated in the 'pattern maker' for each corresponding audio clip.

2)You can move around the tracks and slice them as desired ,as taught in the vocal layering video link given at the top.

3)Now, to add effects we use the mixer.
A mixer is basically many audio clip players which send their signal from one to the next to the next track, till the signal reaches the main 'master' signal. Its a chain of signals.

- Open the mixer.

4)We will now link the tracks that we have drawn in the playlist ,with each corresponding channel of the mixer.

- To do this,
-select one audio clip from the pattern maker by clicking on it (a green led lights up).

-Then go to the mixer, click on track1. right click in the upper part of that slot, click 'link selected channels > to this track'.

-Thats it, your clip is now in the mixer track.

Note*- click on the umbrella like or fat arrow shaped icon on the bottom of that track. When it is lit up, it means that it 'sends' its signal to the next track. All the used tracks we use have to be lit up in that. or the signals wont be considered.

5)to add effects,
In each track track on the right side, you have open slots where you can drag effect makers from ctrl+F8 menu.

 - Similarly, select the next audio clip in the pattern maker.
click track 2 in the mixer. and link the track to the clip.

Remember that the audio clips in pattern maker are linked with the playlist.
-Anything thats played in the playlist is the final mix. Whether sliced or not or moved or whatever.

-Patternmaker is just like a register that has names of audio clips. we can use pattern maker to link them to mixer. thats all.

-once you have adjusted your tracks ,aligned them in the playlist ,added effects, your mix is ready to be heard

make sure the 'song' mode is on , so you can hear everything together. and play.

select file>export .and make an mp3.
Your mix is ready!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Relationship Status poem

I updated my relationship status on facebook
Why didn't you see it babe?
I wanted you to, I love you, I did it for you babe.

Elastic plastic and springs made of purple ecstatic
Splash of green on thy forehead oh mother

Indented Paper columns and romantic rows of flows
Behold, Flesh and the power it holds, beyond the wonder of my poetic imagination

New dormant brain cells unleashed till the extremity of evanescence.

Plow the field of gold awhile, then take a rest in the yellow shower
yes, it is the opposite of blue. And it is closely the opposite of purple too.

Red green roses of psychedelic emotion only when live to become alive only because dead
Ravaged scalp by a caress with a hidden pain in the heart.

I updated my relationship status on facebook babe
I didn't want you to know

Why did you see it babe?.
Bad deeds caused a sad feeling.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Declared dead

I had this dream where the morning was so red
The moments frozen like crystals

5:30 in the morning when only the inanimate world around you is set in motion.
It was like if one were to place a sunflower in it,
it would surely emit a northern glow and unveil the fourth dimension of space there off

No sound on the wall no speech in the trees this time early morning
A pill in my chest and a pin in my vein

Lying by the window in the corner on a bed
declared dead, already.

featured song : The Cure - Just like heaven

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Using Vocals in FL Studio

 - The process of using vocal tracks in FL studio is pretty straight forward,

-you simply drag the track in the upper half of the playlist.

-In the pattern maker a channel for the audio track appears.

-By clicking on the channel a control panel to adjust the vocal track appears.

-from there you can choose to 'edit' the track to open it in edison.

Once you are in edison,

- the same track gets opened in a channel of the sampler, its parallel
and edison is open within a slot of that channel

-Ctrl+f8 to select limiter and parametric EQ2 and drag them in the channel slots of the mixer.

-Whatever adjustments you do to them get automatically applied to the audio track in the playlist

-When you render the file during 'export', all of this gets applied.

*Everything is linked automatically.

You can use multiple audio tracks in mixing ,just by dragging them in the playlist and clipping them using slice and delete or moving them around to match them.

To layer vocals , we just match the 's','k' sounds. which have more attack.
Every audio track can be edited separately.
Every audio track can be sliced into parts.

I will upload links to reference videos soon.
Image line itself publishes good tutorials on its channel. You can search for videos related to 'vocals'

Till then

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jazz Music - An introduction

Jazz music can do a lot to you as a person. It opens you up. It opens up your ears.

When you start listening to jazz , you become more aware of musical colour and intervals.

There is harmonic complexity in jazz. Means:

Harmony means multiple notes sounded together at the same time
Melody means a serial progression of notes preceding and succeeding each other.

These two are the two main components of jazz.

Jazz also treats bass as a separate entity, so thats another great thing we become aware of.

If you want to train your ears as a musician, listening to jazz is a great way to supplement and speed up your training.

Btw, just as a blooper or interesting fact(whichever way you wanna look at it). In the original Autumn Leaves track, you can hear Joe Pass breathing deeply near his guitar. His breathing is pretty deep, that means he's extremely relaxed. Cuz he plays some really fast passages in there.

If you're very good at music theory and want to explore more of it,
Jazz is for you.

There's plenty of music theory in it.
In fact, Jazz includes the most advanced music theory of all genres.

Smart Sentence: You'll get to learn about tritone substiutions and coltrane changes in jazz.
Lots of modes and lots of chromatics.

Rock and Jazz are the two genres that are built off of on the spot improvisations heavily.

Jazz makes your ears bigger, and calms you down from within.

Jazz makes you listen to itself. It makes your ears sensitive.

Some cool jazz tunes are:
Wes Montgomery - Four on Six
Joe Pass - Autumn Leaves
John Coltrane - Giant steps

If you want to get started with Jazz, you have to know block chords.
These videos teach you some commonly used block chords, in the style of Wes Montgomery.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Carlos Santana's music may sound very arousing at the first hearing.

But the fact is that that is not the primary intention behind his music. Carlos Santana is a very spiritual person.

Its easy to think of him as a latino man with a lot of inclination towards their 'amor' culture. His music is not just that really.
He too , like hendrix was just like the others in the 60s.. heavily doped ,and at the woodstock.

- His influences are not too exotic like we would imagine, some acclaimed musicians from latin america. No.

- He was very heavily influenced by BB King and Wes Montgomery.

- But he wanted to take a step away from being loud, he was more inclined to the sounds like a sax would produce or a violin.

- The most amazing part about Santana's music is that his guitar songs are not just tunes.
He writes poems for them, with tunes.

- What we get to hear in the tracks is his guitar, singing those poems.

His song Europa 
is a poem about a sister of his friend who used to take mind expanding experiences just like them but couldn't cope up with it.

 She was going hysterical, so she started to bug out. And Carlos made a song for her on the spot called 'Mushroom lady'. "Mushroom lady's coming to town. She's gonna have everyone around" bring the girl back.

Here's Santana talking about it and showing how to play Europa in his music room. Pretty cool ha, he's wearing a Jimi Hendrix shirt.

The song bella
was for his daughter Stella, and he explains that it was inspired by the sound of the oceans waves, cuz they had a house near the ocean at that time.

And you can really imagine the ocean as you listen to that song. We can see that his mind has really expanded :)

He says that sometimes he just sits and listens to the water, and we can get songs from just that.

The beautiful song Samba Pa Ti 
was also a poem that goes like

 "Through every step in life you find, freedom from within. And if your mind should understand, woman love your man. Cuz everybody is searching for eternal peace. End is there waiting for you. All you have to do is share".

- He wrote this when he saw a man in distress who had a saxophone in one hand and a bottle of alcohol in his back pocket and he couldn't make up his mind which one to put into his mouth, he was swaying between both, from one hand to the other.

Its all here, as he explains it.Samba pa ti

You get to learn a lot about guitar expression , the things you have to have in your mind as a guitarist, you get to learn this just by watching him speak. About masculine and feminine phrasing, and volume and tone control. Use of treble notes.

Like he says, 

-everybody can learn scales and learn to play fast. But the passion is important. remember the first time you watched Jimi Hendrix. You could hear the guitar even with the volume turned off. And they didn't practice in front of a mirror or anything. They feel the notes as they play.

This is a very good interview of his to watch for a learning guitarist

Links to songs:
Samba pa ti

This is a transcript of a Santana interview where he talks about Jimi Hendrix

Monday, November 7, 2011

Needing Things

How about the fortune of favor
from a nameless soul

whom I'd doubt to be so important
but turns out pretty useful

Changing lives but no ones lookin'
Here I am

Walking miles per second but still not moving
Needing things

Like a hole in the space time fabric
things don't happen.

Maybe if I keep doing this everyday
It won't remain a dream

"People notice the good
If I practice in peace

I'll gather enough focus
Then I'll be good to go."

I feel it there
I feel that Things are right behind me, in that curtain

But The wet signal of this parallel universe
is just no good through a chinese processor

Changing lives but no ones lookin
Here I am

Ascending full speed in a 12 foot room
Needing things

Saturday, November 5, 2011

rebellious outcry poem

There's a ringing in my head, I don't know
If its classified or not

If you do not talk about it you will never know for sure.
I stare at the blank white paper, like I've never had a past

Desolate mocking
People talking
Outside my head
Black and white iridescence
Watery delusions
Outside my bed

Sparingly the sharing stops scaring
and the people stop sharing.

Steeply forwarded by stalling

Speaking of which, I need to hire

On the wall where you dried your clothes

Velvet breeze, of a machine-gun-fire

A new house maid, for my brand new home..

Let's roll with the rolling and shop till we drop
Fresh yellow glob of iron ready is ready for dinner.

The potato eaters - Vincent Van Gogh

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tribute to Dennis Ritchie - now, god of programming

Again, a man has defeated death, because he went as god.
A week after Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie passed away.
His contribution to the world was certainly comparable with, if not greater than, Steve Jobs'.

Dennis Ritchie is the legend and inventor of the C programming language. The most powerful and simple programming language all throughout the time of computer programming.

He co-developed the Unix operating system, which was the first great operating system, before dos.
All great operating systems today are based on the Unix kernel including Linux, Android, Mac OS.

The book written by him with Brian Kerningham:
The C programming language - Kerningham and Ritchie
is the bible of C coders.

Its one of the finest books i've ever read and this book has always made me feel stronger and more real.
This thin book was the shit. As no other C book will ever be.

This is a personal tribute to Dennis Ritchie. It describes how I was associated with the things he did and how he was great.

All the contact that I was fortuned to come in with this person indirectly occured through this small book, and when I used the FreeBSD Unix operating system. I realized what a great OS it is.

Google, Windows, All other great operating systems still have substantial code written in C.
Thanks to this man for this Excellent programming language.
It will always be my favorite language of all. And for this amazing operating system, which even today when mastered, makes us feel like computer ninjas.

And to him finally,

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie

This blog post was powered by: The Beatles - In my life

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Falling short of new things in guitar

WARNING: Awfully Long post. Please skip if its not for you.

-As a guitarist, it is a great thing to constantly push yourself as regards creativity.

-Even if you are a well trained guitarist who knows all the scales, new things can still be learned.

-There are many runs that you can derive from a scale.

if you exhaust all the runs that can possibly done on a scale Mix them up. You can skip runs, combine runs, jump from runs to other ones to create new music.

-When you pay more attention to the blues scale, you will begin to merge the scale's layout with other diatonic scales layouts,

 and you will be able to quickly jump from any diatonic scale to the blues scale.

Its like a system we develop in our mind , either we are in the scales mode, or we are in the blues mode.


-When you get practiced at jumping from modals to blues, and the other way round. 

You might wanna focus on the blues scale more

. Because we are still used to playing the blues scale across through the patterns, then finding a link and moving to the next pattern.

-You can invent all sorts of runs.

-To improve your runs

Just pick the part of the scale at which you are the strongest,

and then find your weakest part closest to that part.

3 And then make your own run from the strong part to the weaker part.

This way we generate new new patterns to work with, we discover strange new sounds we've never heard on tracks.

Chkytrstxzao Readers

When the ball is stable, the circle stays

Skate straight
Birth right
Skin tight
Slew rate

Looks Nice
Feels right
see you through broken glasses

If the ball is stable, the circle stays
If the food is stale, you gave me separate ways
I chose stale,

O wise one, yeah
you win you win yeah
when the ball is stable, the circle stays. She said
You can't undo what you will be.

This blog was powered by: Pantera - Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath cover)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to build guitar amps

WARNING: This post is awfully long and boasts the intellect of the author. Please skip if its not for you.

This article is about getting started with building your own amps and a few links.

Today I connected a 3 foot theater speaker to my guitar. And it really changed the way the guitar sounds because of the cabinet.

-The cabinet is a really important thing that contributes to a lot of the sound produced by the amp.

-After all, all an amp has is a small circuit and a speaker, enclosed in a large wooden box,

-The wooden box is what makes the sound ring. The dimensions on that box matter and the quality of its material matters.

-Like Kerry king doesn't use a 20foot long cabinet as an amplifier, but he uses a 3x6 array of smaller amps for slayer concerts.

-The wooden box rings, and gives a quality to the sound. as opposed to a guitar connected to a sterio system which has a separate woofer and 4 more separate speakers.

- As long as The box, is not there, the feel is not there.

- Tube amps are said to produce an awesome sound. But tubes are expensive and hard to find.

Tubes lit up inside a Guitar Tube Amp.

To build an amp, first of all

-If you are building an amp from scratch, you will have to find schematics or layouts of amplifiers. 

-If you search">google patents for fender or Marshall, you'll get their circuit diagrams. Or you can look at sites which feature DIY projects.

-This is a good site called .
-It features various amp projects and building other guitar peripherals , like drives, pedals ,etc.

-Once you are satisfied with the description, you should open the ckt dig. and list out the parts you need, 

-buy them or buy a kit that comes as a bundle of essential parts , and build it like the dig.

A little knowledge has to be acquired to build circuits.
Thats it. 

Building amps a pretty good thing to do, to get a good insight of your hardware and develop much appreciation for good hardware.  

Good luck.