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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guitar Dreams , Heavy metal Katana

If John Lennon could have solved the complex problem of demand, supply with an extra dimention of want incorporated, then really , the world would be a lot happier today.
Personally,I would get what I want.
-Want. It is the biggest cause of crime all around the world, but
on the other hand, it is a feeling driven by passion, a state in which one could do anything for that thing. Want is a good thing.

Writing silly lyrics at every second whim
Creating and scrapping tunes
Playing heavy rythm
Muscles screaming and dexterity seeping

Have you been in a purple haze?
Obfuscated by the confluence of a violet smoke of a floyd rose,
the gray mist of a flying v
And the red refraction of roland 30

is it a hole in the time fabric?
Like an absense of an electron in a semiconductor..
The absense of time.

The issue is abstract and vague, like modern art, running in your mind
Splashing all over the subconsciousness.

An imaginary flame waiting to catch illumination sometime.

The wholesome experience
That, which makes you feel like when you stand in a hall and stare at someone tilting your head diagonally downward, he with 3 other people will burn, or their flesh will explode from the vicious strikes of a katana within the next 2 seconds.

I would love to advertise headbanging on TV like sprite or thumbs up

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why grunts are better than screams

When your writing reports and giving presentations, you start thinking everything in terms of conclusions.

I was just listening to bfmv and I came upon an important question in metal, grunts beat screams.
they sound cooler.
they take lesser energy.
they are more evil.
and they don't sound like something is being unnecessarily stressed.

imagine a word like 'puffy queen' being screamed .
and then imagine it in grunt.

Screams can embarrass you sometimes, A grunt will never.
We all have seen and heard screams that have gone awfully wrong.

This is the power of gut unleashed. A grunt can crap out 10 screams alone.
A direct comparison, Hetfield screams 'No remorse' and then we have all seen what happens in the cannibal corpse version..
Yes, That is the shit.

A grunt is manly, (except in case of Chuck Schuldiner, which sounds total zombie)
(Btw, the original painkiller totally fucks the version done by Death. But we'll come back to that in some other post)
A grunt is a tool that can be used to rip peoples nerves out, usage includes in a streetfight, in Shakespears play, In the classroom, but don't try it on your girlfriend, ever.

All in all, Grunts can be in places screams cant be. And grunts have only a 99.9% guarantee of proving effective as opposed to the unpredictable success rate of screams. (C'mon, we have all seen what happens in bfmv's live concerts and what happens in all that remains, when they go live, it leaves us wishing that the dude just didn't open his mouth again. Cuz we have an image of the song in our head.)

Death metal, is the shit \,,/
Be Proud of it.
Be original.