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Saturday, November 5, 2011

rebellious outcry poem

There's a ringing in my head, I don't know
If its classified or not

If you do not talk about it you will never know for sure.
I stare at the blank white paper, like I've never had a past

Desolate mocking
People talking
Outside my head
Black and white iridescence
Watery delusions
Outside my bed

Sparingly the sharing stops scaring
and the people stop sharing.

Steeply forwarded by stalling

Speaking of which, I need to hire

On the wall where you dried your clothes

Velvet breeze, of a machine-gun-fire

A new house maid, for my brand new home..

Let's roll with the rolling and shop till we drop
Fresh yellow glob of iron ready is ready for dinner.

The potato eaters - Vincent Van Gogh

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