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Friday, November 25, 2011

Comfortably Numb (Poem)

Time's running out
But running to finish

Tired in vain
And nothing accomplished

Captivating success ,no more a possibility

Cried so hard, can't even sleep

Mind is against the body
Wanting to fleet while the body is indeed
in need of sleep

A small span of time in the life of a successful man
Left you weeping,

regretting a lack of skill

Expectant others fought for you,
Hoping that you will

Accomplish great things
After all a successful man are you.

you lost against them and they
had nothing to win

A small span of time in the life of an unsuccessful man
His minds lapse of reason refused to fulfill

Against the volition of his own hand
Caused him to die against his body's will.

 In the world of a small moment.
Eternally alive
Comfortably numb
For as long as you might.

This post was powered by: Pink floyd - Comfortably Numb

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