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Monday, September 15, 2014

Dreams and stars

The sky dives deeper and the sun sets faster
The ocean remembers each wave
The wave of reminiscence, the wavy mystery
The waves of joy I get while seeing your face

The mascara on your eyes smudges the lines of my heart
I feel warm and a tingling feeling runs down my spine
Every time the lines of your dimples appear
It congratulates me cuz I made you smile

Your front two teeth and the way they gleam
I see my irides dilate like in the dark
And the way you talk in a lazy voice
Only strengthens the pitch of my heart

Your skin it glazes and my soul it blazes
when I think of the wonderful nights
When we talked and talked and it was never enough
Wondrous like Aurora Borealis lights

Through the trees and the peepal leaves
A song runs through my heart
That you are meant to be with me
here so you can dream with me
and see them turn to reality
Just lit up like the stars.