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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Immersed in a pillow of smiles

Today I slept on a pillow of smiles
and though I did not completely sleep
I feel yellow lilies on my cheeks
and flew in deeper to deeper smiles.

on the wings of the afternoon.
Where blossom covers darker gloom
Fresher and whiter, my thoughts they ring
like chords of the lydian, of happiness sing

in the noon of rusty thoughts
oh how this breeze arrived
I will often now take out some time
To sleep again, on the pillow of smiles.

(Photo of a cloud taken from the top of a hill)

I've recently gone through some stressful time. . and today I felt good. It was like the lydian mode in guitar, feather light, happy and dreamy, like Joe satriani's - Rubinas blue sky happiness. Thats what inspired me to write this poem. Thanks to pk.

Today's blog post was powered by: Led Zeppelin - Going to California.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Crush at love street

There is a crush on the wall at love street
Where bro's would hang around , and do BMX stunts
The sunlight would be orange
And the thumping of basketball endlessly marked the boom-box beats

Now here lies litter, and an array of tin cans
In one of which , resides TC the top cat, and in the other, benny
The wall was sprayed bleak gray, destroying all the rad graffiti
What happened to the football head who wore a sweater over his shirt

At night, the cats take over, prowling ,and fighting..
over balls of paper which were once someones letters for someone.
Everything that would be white is pale yellow in the day
Every hour is winter, and every other day it rained

There is a crush on the wall at love street
And no one to take care of it
There is Purple Haze all around, and I don't know If I'm coming up or down
Am I happy or in misery? Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me.

Today's blog post was powered by: Cranberries - Salvation

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The secret day

Today was the one day of my life that I would number with a name.
This is the  'immaculate' of september 2011

It was like the description on the first page of 'the fountainhead'. Where it says "a frozen explosion of granite burst in flight to the sky over motionless water. The water seemed immovable, the stone flowing..."

Today I have lived my life.
On this day, I have really breathed air

Today I was alive and safe
In the shady avenue of natures kingdom

Where 'morpheus' that I dream of in the night
was no more than a scribbled word on a piece of paper

Have you ever felt the body of Gaia?
Lay back on her crust and let your breath seep deep into hers.

And she will breathe into you, that which was awaited since birth
The crude earthy spirit of the eastward zephyr

When you touch your palm to the earth, And kiss the earth with your lips and without a care
Just do it, when you need to feel yourself.

here I proclaim,
that every moment you touch the earth with pure intimacy of a lover, is claimed by her
and it will be a closed memory, permanent ,and written on the scroll of time,everlasting
such memory, you will remember, and without regret;
that which will re-establish within you a power that is indomitable and a spirit-unblemished.

(Bumble Bees hummed under the sun as I clicked this picture)

(Do you listen to your footsteps when you walk?)

 (somewhere a broom is drearily sweeping the broken pieces of yesterdays life, And the Wind..Cries Mary, )

Today's featured song: Luxumburger queen - Placebo.

Song that powered todays blog post: Ke$ha -Take it off.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Robert Plant drawing

Robert Plant, after finishing with photo colors.

Terminal Frost (Poem)

robert plant drawing

Those rose flavored tears sliding down your scar free ego

Hold no quarter for me;

For whenever I think of you

I can feel a deep sensation etching my spine

I am suspended, in this void of rose scented priced ice crystals

When the northern winter blows past my soul

I can hear no man of the wise land ,waiting to liberate me

they are all busy, contemplating you .

can I ever be free lady. from the things you do to me

when have I ever said a word about pain

in this acid. i can breathe like I did yesterday, when I climbed atop a hill

you were not there. But your sister, I missed.

My life lays sprawled before my eyes.

(Robert Plant sketch that I did at home last month:)