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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Muay Thai

The Muay Thai kickboxing is an elegant form of martial arts that's been glamorized by street fighter from its heroes like Sagat and Adon. Both these players have a kick-ass style of combat by their deadly elbows and knees, they are just indomitable.

In Street Fighter, Sagat's moves like the tiger uppercut, tiger knee moves have been taken from the tiger muay thai.
At the same time, muay thai has an amazing spirit that's kept by its culture and tradition of wearing strips of cloth on the arm and a strip of cloth enclosing sacred thai symbols that is worn by the fighter on the head before the fight. We can see Adon wearing that in SF.

Sagat is shown to be the main enemy of Ryu in the SF saga, sagat and his style are a bit de-glamorized

Muay Thai is a deadly art because of its prominent use of knees and elbows in attacks.
Because these attacks have a small moment of attack, they are lightning fast and can knock out an opponent in just one successful hit, in real life.
This art is practiced extensively in thailand, where they carry out hard body training by practicing kicks on the trunks of banana trees. They break the trees with their shins.

Today, Somrak Khamsing is the hero and legend of Muay thai kick boxing. He's the undisputed champion and when he fights, there's lightning in the ring.



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