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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Doors have closed

Doors have closed with a path of no return
Like life is an immutable data structure you can only add to but not remove.

Something I see but another not does
Something they feel but know not of.
Some type of internal combustion
driving me mad and paranoid.

Of which there were two,
currently the fourth, that belongs to no one.
the third if you ask, is dead
the first if you ask, is undead.
The second if you ask, smeared and bled

I do not know what to say
anger and rage should consume your soul I pray
curses I give not
Blessings, enough I shared and kind of forgot.
Some are close and others far,
if I die before I'm reborn,
please do pray.
For karma will consume you, if movies do not.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Portal of a memory

An iceberg rolls down a face and ends up warm,
calmly touches the ground,
and opens up a portal of a memory.

A snowflake falls
the globe spins,
exposing the back of a man
a corroded fragment

A marriage of hope and sorrow
that would wean the strongest of strong
from their power
the strongest of strong

And so I wonder, in this memory
what could it be?
That is so general yet specific?
How could it trigger the lives of so many?

It has the sweetest melody,
and the lyric goes like a formula.
It starts off with love
and gets left off with thought,
just thought.

A lover departs when a new heart arrives.
A fire dies when a tear arises.
A drawing is born of the fragrance and form of the way he would laugh like a child
and she would care like a mom
the way they would together, laugh.

The sweetest melody
of laughing eyes
squinted at the sides,
this feeling is magical
this feeling is sad
this feeling is a memory
of the best times we had.

And so the iceberg lands
in the form of a tear
the corroded fragment,
wet with fear -
the loss of God,
the loss of faith
the loss of love
wandering, wandering through sleepless nights.
Landing on the pillow of the feeling of love against the concrete ground.
until it scrapes off every inch of sound remaining in your ears.
Cleansing you, preparing you, to be part of the song.

The song of sorrow, the song of hope
the sweetest melody of joy afloat
The song of treason, the song of alcohol
of weary nights in the corner of a room.

A feather in his hand, a flower in your hair
a stolen kiss, in the backdrop of a rumbling dishwasher
The anxious nights, which glued two days
with no sleep in the middle, a buzzing text by the pillow

The valentines days, like the stripes on the road
driving through the years, with only one or two to count
and then you lived all the stripes at once
and get left with the blanks, to feel out the days
left in thought, in a few grand memory lanes.
speeding and slowing,
Sometimes whining, at times laughing,
in the whole circle of life,
with imperfect timing.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In your atmosphere

The feeling of a song on loop
Is like feeling that your life rewinds
Every 3 verses, I go back a mile..
A mile back towards your aroma stuck in time. Back one mile, back towards India.. back one mile
The feeling of your ghost all smiles
How it would have been, could have been
I have red onions on my frying pan..
Imagining what it would have been like to cook 
for you and hear you joke "Delicious, think I'll survive "

But every tick backwards, my beard strands turn whiter
Every day towards you, your life slips farther
Towards permanent commitments
To loves forevers
Back home, the memories I so vividly see are frozen
Just the paint on the walls is faded, it's greyscale.

And 3 verses behind, back a mile, deep dive..
Into a dream, my head on your ghost's thighs
My bed burns up before it lands into yours
Wherever I go, whatever I do
I land into your atmosphere on fire
Never touching you, whispering nevermind.
Whatever you know, wherever your man
I am not quite content knowing he'll love you forever.
The sunset you bask in will forever be sad, being the inverted semicircle it is.
I know you tried to reach out,
I was deaf and blind,
until the day you left..
Until the day you left
I still had and have more left in me
But one day, you let go
and the string slips out of your reach so fast.
You can never compete with time,
but only time can compete with love.
and that sums up my only hope.
Good night.