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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Relationship Status poem

I updated my relationship status on facebook
Why didn't you see it babe?
I wanted you to, I love you, I did it for you babe.

Elastic plastic and springs made of purple ecstatic
Splash of green on thy forehead oh mother

Indented Paper columns and romantic rows of flows
Behold, Flesh and the power it holds, beyond the wonder of my poetic imagination

New dormant brain cells unleashed till the extremity of evanescence.

Plow the field of gold awhile, then take a rest in the yellow shower
yes, it is the opposite of blue. And it is closely the opposite of purple too.

Red green roses of psychedelic emotion only when live to become alive only because dead
Ravaged scalp by a caress with a hidden pain in the heart.

I updated my relationship status on facebook babe
I didn't want you to know

Why did you see it babe?.
Bad deeds caused a sad feeling.

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