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Monday, August 8, 2016

My Arrival

Flying away, forever I will stay
In your heart, I'll leave an aroma of joy
When I leave at night, I will arrive on the other side
Wise and admired, excited but tired

Let us make a promise
Let us meet on the other shore
For we'll miss each other
when one of us goes

Sweeter than God
Happier than my joy
An anxious lark
may fly me half a world away
As every approaching minute your heart sways
In excitement, you burn brighter than day
And when I arrive, you can finally say
Come on, let's take you home.
Thank you lord,
you touched him, and from within
he turned to gold.
No matter how much he grows, he hasn't turned old.
No he hasn't turned old
For me, he'll never grow old.

-Dedicated to my parents, on this brand new occasion we are so excited about. 

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